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A Catholic wedding in Italy will be registered in the Catholic Parish Church in your home country, and it can be also legally recognized, if we the legal requirements are presented to the Italian authorities. As the cradle of Catholicism, Italy offers an amazing selection of medieval parish churches and ancient cathedrals for your Catholic wedding in Tuscany. Religious documents have to be prepared by the couple and be submitted to the local religious authorities, it is possible to have a legally binding Catholic ceremony, in which case civil paperwork must be completed as well. A mixed religion marriage is subject to the approval of your own Bishop who must grant permission in writing. A Catholic wedding ceremony in Italy is conducted by an English speaking priest or in Italian, with an interpreter.

Protestant & Anglican wedding ceremonies in Tuscany can be performed in some Florentine churches which also provide English speaking priests, or at times also in some Catholic churches of Tuscany, upon permission of the local religious authorities. Ceremonies can be held even in a wonderful intimate spot amid vineyards, hills, lakes, or by the sea. If you wish the religious ceremony to have also civil effects, Protestant or Anglican wedding ceremonies require a supplementary civil wedding before, which can take place in your home country or in a Town Hall in Italy. If your own Pastor can travel to conduct the ceremony, then they would be very welcome, or alternatively we can introduce you to an experienced Pastor in Italy who will work with you to arrange and personalize the ceremony. You will be able to personalize the marriage ceremony to include favourite Scripture readings, lighting of candles, music and writing out your own personal vows. A Protestant or Anglican marriage in most cases can be performed even if one of the two is of a different religious denomination, pending approval of the pastor.

Orthodox wedding ceremonies can be performed in the Orthodox churches present in Tuscany and at times also in Catholic churches upon permission of the local religious authorities. All religious ceremonies other than Catholic ones, like Jewish and Hindu wedding ceremonies, can be performed in private chapels, outdoor gardens, wine estates, wedding halls of villas and castles of Tuscany.  

Whatever religion you are, we take care of every aspect of the service and nuptial rite and guide you through all aspects of the paperwork you will need to complete in both Italy and your home country.