Wedding Emotions | Symbolic ceremonies




There are different reasons to choose a symbolic ceremony, whatever your reason your wedding will be a unique and dream celebration. A symbolic ceremony, also known as blessing, allows you complete freedom to plan your Italian wedding ceremony wherever and however you may wish based on your preferences, cultural background and values. With a symbolic ceremony there are no limit of religion and sex.

A blessing ceremony can take place everywhere: in a public area, in the blooming gardens of a castle, on the roof terrace of a luxury hotel, in private chapels, in magnificent ancient villas, on the beach, on a clifftop overlooking the sea. No paperwork is required since the ceremony is not legally binding and the couple can have a civil ceremony in their home country to legalize the wedding. Since you are not bound by any restrictions you can choose a formal or informal atmosphere and your format can be either traditional or creative.

We will help you find breathtaking locations and a friendly and professional celebrant who will work with you to create a personalized ceremony with your own vows, favourite music and poetry. Our talented florists are able to design spectacular arches and romantic decor for your special day. The variety of music to enhance the wedding ceremony is vast and can incorporate local regional traditions as well. A beautiful parchment certificate in calligraphy will immortalize the event. If you prefer the celebrant can be one of your friend or family member and we can help you drawing the text of the ceremony as well.

With a symbolic ceremony, you can design a dream wedding in Tuscany, with every detail personalized to perfection, reflecting exactly the couple you are.