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We help you save time for happy moments by planning your wedding day while you can relax and enjoy every moment of this exciting journey. We create personalized celebrations as every couple has different taste and ideas and every wedding has to be different from another. We pay close attention to each element, listening to your requests and creating a wedding that reflects perfectly your vision and desires. Each wedding is designed to invoke emotion and romance, whilst also being practical.

We are able to assist weddings of all sizes and budgets from intimate family gatherings to extravagant boutique weddings. We let your dreams come true: big party, only close friends and family, a romantic escape in two, vintage or modern, country-style or elegant, castle, villa, farmhouse or seaside.

Having planned international weddings in Tuscany, we offer our knowledge of the territory to guide you through the best wedding venues and wedding services available in Tuscany. Ask us help at any step. You just need to find your dream venue, you already chose the venue but need help with the ceremony and banqueting, you like organising your wedding but do not want to waste time with legal paperwork, you prefer someone to help you in the full planning, Wedding Emotions can assist you at all different stages. We are flexible and ready to help you according to your needs.

Emotions are important for us and we know we did a great job when we see you smiling.